Aceede Services can provide your premises with a long lasting durable waterproof roof coating system.

Polyurea is internationally recognised as the ultimate roof coating to protect against harsh weather and general roof wear and tear over time. For this reason we call our roof coating Armour-X. It’s environmentally safe, doesn’t have emissions, and doesn’t use solvents.

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Armour-X is fast curing, which allows for a quick installation.

It can be applied even in low temperatures and installed on rainy days. This highly durable long lasting roof coating is also cost-effective when compared to traditional solvent-based roof coatings.

Without the proper coating roof tiles are exposed to the harsh elements of the British Weather such as rain, snow, heat and frost , which all break down your roofing surface. Eventually your roof becomes less water resistant and adds to the weight that the structure has to bear, so it is vital that you protect your roof while you can to avoid damage that will be expensive to repair in the future.


Advantages of our Armour-X polyurea waterproof roof coating:

Strong and durable to extreme weather, as well as abrasion resistance

100% waterproof. Temperature tolerant (-650F to 3500F)

Fast hardening, can be applied quickly and with little downtime to the area

Can be applied vertically and horizontally

No VOC’s to comply with emission regulations

Excellent adhesion to substrates

Fast curing after application




We will clear the roof of any obstacles, then jet wash it to remove any debris. With polyurethane mastic our engineers will fill any larger gaps and cracks. This is followed by priming the surface. 2 passes of polyurea to the depth of at least 2mm is sprayed onto the roof, and any joints will also be covered. Upstands and any areas where the application extend over a working day will be sprayed with an overlap of 150mm.

We use our own ARMOUR X Prime. It is a specialised, high adhesion primer system designed to improve adhesion between polyurethane or polyurea coatings and substrates.

At Aceede Services we ensure safe access. Fall arrest systems such as harnesses, man anchors and rescue procedures will be provided and used by our expert teams.

Yes, at ASL we offer a 25 years guarantee with all polyurea waterproof roof coating installations.

Yes – we offer a 24/7 reactive call out service. The call out change initial cost will cover travel and the first hour while on site. Should any parts be required we will contact you first to quote and gain approval before carrying out the work.

More advantages of polyurea roof coatings:

– Polyureas are engineered to hold strength with flexibility (up to 300% elongation). Unlike other coatings which can break with movement or vibration.

– The roof coatings have great heat transfer properties, this means they insulate the heat and maintain a cooler surface than uncoated surfaces by several degrees.

– The thickness of the coating can be adjusted to your needs, providing a bespoke application.

– High chemical resistance to most water/petroleum based products.

– Compared to epoxy, plastisol dips and other powder coatings, the polyurea spray will maintain its physical appearance over an extended period of time.

Why your roof might leak and how can Aceede Services help?

Flat roofs are often designed with a single ply membranes which have seams and aren’t bonded. Over time these seams can split or allow water to leak. Traditional roofing systems may also be heavy and this can also lead to time related leaks.

Our polyurea waterproofing is a seamless lightweight full covering. It is applied quickly and is fast curing meaning no gaps or areas for water to leak through. The polyurea is impact resistance and extremely strong. This results is high resistance against extreme weather. Further to this it is a cost effective method to protect your roofing.

After installation we will test the coating to check it is fully sealed and to add to that we offer a guarantee on our service.

Waterproof coating on other surfaces:

For Concrete

The polyurea coating provides a lasting seal, that gives protection unlike any other product on the market. Protection against water and against concrete corrosion. The liquid film like layer on the top of the concrete bridging cracks and provides a seamless barrier. Due the fast sealing nature of  the coatings all shapes and surfaces can be sealed without a problem.

It is compliant with CE EN1504-2

For Wood

Polyurea makes wooden floors anti-slip, improving the safety of the flooring. Furthermore its increases the life span of load-bearing decks. Polyurea provides a rough surface giving grip and safety to your flooring.

The polyurea surfaces have been tested by DEKRA in compliance with VDI 2700

For Metal

The coating has unparalleled strength and gives you superior protection against wear. It can also be applied as a waterproof coating. This qualities make it ideal for  protection against highly abrasive materials used in construction, mining, ground works etc…




We install, service, and repair roof coating systems across the UK. We cover the following locations stated below, and often carry out work in these areas:


If your location isn’t listed here, feel free to get in touch and we will do our best to accommodate any services you might require.